Center for Biophysics and Quantitative Biology

Mei Shen

Assistant Professor

Measuring chemical transmitters released from vesicles in real-time. Synaptic chemical transmission. Single cell signaling. Electrophysiology. Alzheimer’s diseases. Developing nanoelectrodes and multiplexed analytical platform to study neurotransmission.

Research Description

The research in the Shen lab interfaces between state of art ultra-high resolution nano-electroanalytical chemistry and neurobiology. The main theme of Shen research program is to interrogate chemical, spatial and temporal heterogeneity in biomaterials using chemically-specific nanosensor probes.


NIH-R21 award to Study Exocytosis in the Region of Synaptic Cleft, September 2013-August 2016
Professional Development Award at University of Texas at Austin
Lochte Fellowship at University of Texas at Austin