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The Illinois Biophysics Society (IBS) is a student run organization comprised of Center for Biophysics and Quantitative Biology graduate students whose mission is to improve the lifestyle, educational experience, and future career opportunities of biophysics peers.

Illinois Biophysics Society Committee Members

Photo of Committee Members

President: Shriyaa Mittal
Secretary: Roshni Bano
Treasurer: Eric Shinn

Previous Committee Members

President: Kapil Dave
Treasurer: Yi Zhang

Illinois Biophysics Society Events

Photo of IBS volunteers

IBS volunteers (Roshni, Eric, Mayank, Alex and Shidi) are working hard to host the event and make it beneficial to the biophysics community.

Save the date:
October 23, 2017 is the Biophysics Graduate Research and Network Symposium.

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Illinois Biophysics Society Newsletter

Resonance Fall 2017

Editors: Brittney Gorman and Shriyaa Mittal

We are looking for student contributions (research/non-research) for the next edition of the newsletter. We are flexible about the content and length of the submissions. If you are interested in writing, please pitch your ideas to Brittney Gorman (

Illinois Biophysics Society Charter

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