Emeritus Faculty

Research Interest
Crofts, Antony

Structure/function relationships in photosynthetic energy conversion; structure of membrane proteins; mechanism of energy conservation; photosynthesis in intact plants; energetics of the biosphere.

Gennis robert 05
Gennis, Robert

Membrane protein structure/function; Expression of membrane proteins from hyperthermophiles; Structure and mechanism of prokaryotic respiratory enzymes that generate a membrane potential

Gillette r 03
Gillette, Rhanor

Computational Biology, Ion Channels, Learning and Memory, Neurobiology, Pattern Formation, Sensory Processing

Govindjee 1

Oxygenic photosynthesis, history of photosynthesis research, and photosynthesis education

Jakobsson, Eric

Computational studies of biological transport: understanding and engineering life at the interface. In our laboratory we use both bioinformatics and simulation to understand biological transport.