Molecular Biophysics Training Grant
The Molecular Biophysics Training Program at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign

The Molecular Biophysics Training Program

Program Director:
Professor Claudio Grosman
Program Administrator:
Cindy Dodds

The Molecular Biophysics Training Program is supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health. The program promotes interdisciplinary research training for students interested in biophysical or biochemical problems of macromolecular function. However, the Training Program is not a degree-granting program, and students do not apply directly to it. New students must be admitted through an individual department or interdepartmental doctoral degree (Ph. D.) program (see below), and degrees are awarded by this same sponsoring unit. Students eligible for training grant support are nominated by their sponsoring "home" unit . The sponsoring units include departments as well as the fully interdepartmental doctoral degree program offered by the Center for Biophysics & Computational Biology.

Students applying for admission into one of the participating graduate degree programs, and who have interests in molecular biophysics, are advised to identify themselves in their applications. Sponsoring units submit candidates for admission into the Molecular Biophysics Training Program, and students are selected on a competitive basis. Minority students are particularly encouraged to apply to .

The trainee's stipend is equivalent to top offers made to other incoming students. Trainees also receive a small allowance for educational expenses and some assistance towards attendance at scientific conferences. Student trainees participate in all training grant-sponsored activities throughout their studies.

Irrespective of their home unit, all trainees have full flexibility to train in the laboratory of any training faculty. During the first year, each trainee must complete a minimum of three laboratory rotations (4-5 weeks each), at least one of which must be outside of the sponsoring unit or 'home department'.

Trainees present their research at the program's annual research symposium, co-sponsored with the NIH Training Program in Cell & Molecular Biology. They organize and attend seminars in which distinguished national and international scientists are invited to the University to present their work and meet with trainees. Finally, trainees participate in an informal, monthly get-together that provides an opportunity for both social and scientific exchange.
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